Personal Injury Law


Suffering a personal injury can be a life-changing event. Often times, the injury is followed by a complicated process that is required obtain appropriate medical treatment and compensation for your pain, suffering and economic losses. It is important to contact an attorney immediately after a personal injury is suffered because certain paperwork must be filed shortly after the injury occurs to secure proper coverage for medical treatment and economic losses. Also, the location of an injury may be altered shortly after the occurrence, requiring immediate collection of data and photographs to preserve proof of fault.

Our office adheres to the highest standards of integrity and ethics when handling a personal injury matter. As a local law firm, we are able to provide clients with the attention they deserve and the responsiveness that their injuries and losses require. When choosing a law firm to help with your personal injury, experience matters. call Muscato, DiMillo & Vona, LLP and find out how our decades of experience can assist in your recovery.

We do not charge a consultation fee to evaluate your case, nor do we charge for legal services unless an award is recovered on your behalf.