DWI, Vehicle & Traffic Law



Defending a charge of Driving While Intoxicated (alcohol) or Driving While Ability Impaired By Drugs can be more complicated than other common criminal charges. The charge is obviously criminal in nature, but equally important are the civil proceedings relating to your driving privileges. Your defense attorney must have a detailed understanding of not only the implications of your criminal charges, but also how those charges may affect your ability to drive. With new NYS regulations that extend license revocations – sometimes for your entire lifetime – you shouldn’t trust just any attorney with your DWI or DWAI charges. Special rules apply to drivers with special license classifications, which could put your job at risk if you depend upon your ability to drive to earn a living. The single best testament to our reputation for DWI defense are lawyers, politicians, and law enforcement personnel that turn to our office when facing such serious charges. Call us today and schedule an appointment to discuss the complexities of your case.

Traffic Tickets

Many people believe that to cost of a lawyer is not necessary to defend a traffic violation. However, a mishandled traffic ticket can have lasting negative results on your license and finances. New York State uses a point assessment system to track driver violations. Incurring too many points will result in a license suspension. What’s worse is that any point violation incurred by a member of your household can result in an increase in insurance premiums for numerous years. Some traffic violations can even result in a license suspension or revocation. Finally, seemingly insignificant convictions in court may result in additional civil penalties assessed by the DMV after they receive notice of your conviction. As an added bonus, most traffic violations can be handled by our office without your having to attend court in person. Call us today if you have a traffic violation to resolve and let us ensure the least amount of impact on your license and finances.

If you have recently received a traffic ticket, call us or email us today and schedule an appointment to discuss the complexities of your case.