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All Home Owners: Watch for this scam!

Written by: Brian J. Hutchison, Esq. Feb. 7, 2017

If you are a new home owner, you probably received one of these letters in the mail. If you ignored it, you did the right thing.

This document arrives in the new homeowner’s mailbox and recommends that they “obtain a copy of their current grant deed” for a fee of $80 or more. The notice implies that aclient should pay for their proprietary report to help protect their new property interest. It is unnecessary for clients to pay for this service because the recorded deed at the Clerk's Office is sufficient proof of ownership. If a certified copy of a deed is required, the County Clerk's Office can provide such a document for a nominal fee (as little as $5.00).

Home Owners Beware! Scams to look out for

Niagara County Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski said in an interview with the Lockport Union Sun and Journal “These scammers send out a letter that uses words like ‘need’ and talk about the documents being ‘evidence’ that the specific property the person owns ‘was in fact transferred.’ This is an out-of-state company trying to make a quick buck by misleading folks, and it’s wrong,” He later added “If your deed was filed with my office, it has been recorded and remains valid whether or not you have a certified copy of the deed in your possession,”

We encourage clients to ignore such a solicitation, or if they are uncertain, give us a call at the office to discuss their concerns.